Development and study of topological properties in 1D and 2D semiconducting systems

Our goal is to develop topologically-protected qubits utilizing Majorana bound states in semiconductor-superconductor hybrid systems. As part of this, we have various projects aiming to understand and control spin-orbit interaction and induced-superconductivity in these materials, and develop superconducting microwave circuits for readout of these qubits.

We work as part of a Microsoft-sponsored research program to build a topological quantum computer, and actively collaborate with QDEV at the University of Copenhagen, Microsoft Station Q at UCSB, and the Microsoft QuArC group.

For more information please send an e-mail to Leo Kouwenhoven:

Center for Quantum Devices, Niels Bohr Institute

Microsoft Research Station Q

Mircrosoft Research Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC)